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It’s the softest, lightest material for bedding on the planet. Browse our full range of made-to-order eiderdown products.

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  • Eiderdown Duvet

    Warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s warm. Our luxurious, pure Icelandic eiderdown duvets are light as air, silky-soft, and adapt to the ambient temperature for a lifetime of perfect sleep.

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  • Eiderdown Comforter

    Stay at the perfect temperature with our luxurious, pure Icelandic eiderdown comforters. They’re light as air, silky-soft, and adapt to the ambient temperature for a lifetime of perfect sleep.

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  • Eiderdown Pillow

    Luxuriously soft yet surprisingly supportive, our pure Icelandic eiderdown pillows maintain their shape, volume, and firmness to offer you wonderful nights of sleep for years to come.

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  • Eiderdown Baby Duvet

    Keep your little one cradled in the warm embrace of pure Icelandic eiderdown. Our duvets adapt to the ambient temperature to ensure your baby will always be as comfy, cozy, and peaceful as ever.

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Customer Reviews

"So you should buy an Eiderdown duvet. We did, from Ragna at Icelandic Down and we are very happy; it's just there, floating above us, doing its amazing "Goldilocks" temperature control."
Harvey, UK
“My grandfather's father got an eiderdown comforter and my grandfather was determined to do the same. He recently made his dream come true with a comforter from Icelandic Down. He is very satisfied with his purchase.”
Ragnar, Iceland
"Our baby boy was given an eiderdown duvet as a gift from his grandfather. We couldn't be happier with it. The quality is extraordinary. The duvet is lightweight, fluffy and all in all very cozy. Our little boy sleeps really well wrapped in his beautiful duvet!"
Laura & Paul

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, absolutely. Eiderdown is unique in that it has no hard quills or feathers. It’s softer and springier than the likes of goosedown, so it resists compression and can warm your bed for decades. It’s also thermo-regulating, meaning it adjusts to to keep you warmer or cooler depending on the ambient temperature.

Holding Eiderdown in your hand is magical; all you’ll feel is a glowing warmth – it weighs practically nothing. And when you stuff it into your fist and then release, it’ll spring up to 10 times its own volume.

Oh, and unlike other bird downs (goose or commercial duck down) which often involve cruel processes like life plucking, Eiderdown is 100% sustainable and animal-friendly – the birds voluntarily leave their down behind in their nests. No birds are harmed in the process!

Eiderdown is a rare natural resource, and the world’s most prized out of all duvet fillings for its luxurious softness, lightness, and insulating properties. Our Icelandic down is also painstakingly collected and processed by hand. This combination of factors adds a premium price tag to our products.

We certainly think so. Iceland is one of the cleanest countries in the world with fresh air and little pollution. The nesting area where our eiderdown is hand-picked is far away from any sort of human activity, so it’s as natural and peaceful as it gets.

Our duvets are made with the baffle-box technique. This is the best way to make a duvet as it ensures that the eiderdown is spread evenly.

We offer three different “fills” — light, medium and warm. This determines how much eiderdown we put inside.

If you tend to get cold at night, then you should choose the warm option, which has plenty of eiderdown to keep you warm at night.

However, if you tend to feel hot at night, then you may want to consider the light option. It has less eiderdown. If you are familiar with the TOG rating, then these are the TOG numbers for our duvets/comforters:

Light: 6-7 Tog
Medium: 9-10.5 Tog
Warm: 12-14 Tog

If you don’t know which one to choose, then we recommend the medium option. It should work fine because eiderdown tends to adapt to your temperature by expanding when it’s cold and compressing when it’s warm.

We can also add custom fill amounts if you want more or less eiderdown.

We can make duvets/comforters in any size, with any fill amount.

Just email us at [email protected] or via our contact page and tell us which size you want.

We will give you a quote based on the size and amount of eiderdown needed.

Both are great and it depends on your personal preference. The cotton is a bit lighter, but the silk is shinier and prettier to look at.

If you use a duvet cover, which is highly recommended, then there is no visible difference so you might as well choose cotton.

You can contact me (Ragna, the founder) directly at [email protected] If you’d prefer to order online, you can order directly from the shop.

Interested in learning more about eiderdown?

Feel free to reach out to Ragna to learn more about eiderdown, our company, or how to order a duvet.

Concierge Customer Service

Throughout the purchasing experience, you'll be in direct contact with Ragna, our founder and CEO. She'll make sure everything goes smoothly.

100% Custom Made

Each of our products are made-to-order. From fill weight to dimensions, we can customise nearly anything you require for the perfect night's sleep.

Quality Certificates

All of our eiderdown duvets and comforters have quality certificates provided by the Icelandic government. You will receive copies of the certificates with your order.