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Eiderdown pillow – sizes and fills

The table below shows the sizes and amounts of eiderdown in our eiderdown pillows. It shows the sizes in both centimeters and inches, and the eiderdown amounts in both grams and ounces.

Keep in mind that we can customize pretty much anything, so just send us a message if you have specific requirements for your duvet.

SizeHeight (cm)Width (cm)Size (in)FillEiderdown (g)Eiderdown (oz)
Standard506620" x 26"Soft35012.3
Standard506620" x 26"Medium57820.4
Standard506620" x 26"Firm80228.3
Queen507620" x 30"Soft40314.2
Queen507620" x 30"Medium66523.5
Queen507620" x 30"Firm92332.6
King509120" x 36"Soft48217.0
King509120" x 36"Medium79428.0
King509120" x 36"Firm110639.0
European507020" x 28"Soft37113.1
European507020" x 28"Medium61321.6
European507020" x 28"Firm851

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