Eiderdown Baby Duvet

From $999

Baby duvet with 100% pure eiderdown fill, in either a silk or premium cotton fabric.


It is a wonderful feeling to cradle your young ones in softness and warmth. And few things are softer and more comfortable than our eiderdown duvets. They will keep your baby comfortable in a wide variety of temperatures and help your baby achieve the delicate sleep that is so incredibly important for its development and well-being.

Eiderdown: Each of our duvets is filled with 100% pure Icelandic eiderdown. You can see how much eiderdown the different sizes and fills contain here.

Free international shipping: We will ship your baby duvet within 2-4 weeks. Go to checkout to see the final price with all taxes and import duties included.

Additional information


100% pure eiderdown, hand-picked from a nesting area in the East part of Iceland.

Cotton Fabric

Down-proof sateen 100% cotton, 475 thread count. From Germany.

Silk Fabric

Down-proof silk, 442 thread count. From Germany.


Baffle box construction method.

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