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Government certified

Our duvets are inspected by the Icelandic government and come with a certificate of authenticity and quality.

Ten-year warranty

Your duvet is fully-covered for ten years for free repairs or replacement if there are any manufacturing issues.

Icelandic Eiderdown Comforter

(4.97)   66 Reviews

The luxuriously soft, ethereally light Eiderdown Comforter is the manifestation of blissful comfort. Every one is handmade to order by local artisans following a 1000-year-old tradition of Icelandic craftsmanship in perfect harmony with nature.

2-4 weeks Manufacture time
1-2 weeks Estimated delivery

The crème de la crème of duvets

Our eiderdown duvets are an investment. Each one is handmade to your preferences, and can offer up to 50 years of blissful sleep. Eiderdown is also sustainably hand-gathered, and the rarest, most valuable source of down on the planet.

You’ll receive a government certificate with your order, proving our eiderdown’s quality and authenticity.

We like to think that investing in your sleep is the best kind of investment you could make.

Learn more about our process.

Fill Weights

Choose between three fill weights depending on your climate and preferences:

  • Light - Excellent for warm climates and warm sleepers.
  • Medium - Our most popular weight. Ideal for most temperate climates.
  • Warm- Great for chilly rooms and cold sleepers.

Eiderdown contracts and expands to keep you at the perfect temperature. Choose 'Medium' if you are uncertain.

You can see the amount of eiderdown in each size and fill combination on this page.

Choose your size

Can’t find your size?

We can fully-customise the duvet to your exact specifications. Contact us for a custom quote.

Need help?

Contact Ragna, our founder. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Icelandic Eiderdown Comforter

Sustainably & traditionally handcrafted in the wild fjords of east Iceland.

The Pinnacle of Luxurious Comfort For Bedding

The Icelandic Eiderdown Comforter is handmade in Iceland’s most remote fjords using sustainably-sourced materials and centuries-old craftsmanship.

Filled with eiderdown – the most prized and insulating down on the planet – our comforters are wonderfully soft and surprisingly temperature-regulating for year-round comfort.

Every comforter is made-to-order to suit your exact needs and preferences for a lifetime of great sleep.

Eiderdown is Iceland's Most Prized Natural Resource

From Iceland’s first viking settlers to European royalty, eiderdown has been prized throughout history for its astounding physical properties. It’s pure, quill-free softness, trapping air in a tangle of interwoven threads to create insulating pockets of Arctic-beating warmth.

Only 4000kg of eiderdown is produced each year. It’s scarcer than gold, platinum and diamonds – combined and multiplied. 75% of the world’s eiderdown comes from our native Iceland.

Discover Eiderdown.

Product Details
& Specifications

Materials & Construction

Every eiderdown comforter is custom handmade to order by local artisans with the highest-quality ethically-sourced materials.

Fill Material
100% pure Icelandic eiderdown. Sustainably collected in Iceland’s eastern fjords. Certified by the Icelandic government for quality and authenticity.

Cotton Cover
Hypoallergenic, 100% down-proof sateen cotton. 475 thread count. Weight 94 g/m2. From Germany.

Silk Cover
Hypoallergenic, 100% down-proof silk. 442 thread count. Weight 120 g/m2. From Germany.

24-60 individual baffle-box compartments filled with eiderdown and stitched by hand for an even spread and lasting insulating properties.

Sizing & Fill Weight

Pick from 17 sizing options ranging from Single (55″ x 79″) to US King OS (116″ x 98″). We can also create your comforter in custom dimensions if you prefer.

Fill Weight
Choose between three fill weights depending on your climate and preferences:

  • Light – Excellent for warm climates and warm sleepers.
  • Medium – Our most popular weight. Ideal for most temperate climates.
  • Warm – Great for chilly rooms and cold sleepers.

Eiderdown contracts and expands to keep you at the perfect temperature. Choose ‘Medium’ if you are uncertain.

Clockwise from Left:
Baby Eiderduck; Eiderduck nesting; the Eiderduck Sanctuary

Sustainably Sourced from Wild Eider Ducks

Protected by the Icelandic government since 1847, Icelandic eider ducks enjoy the best of both worlds – freedom and protection. In the fjords of Loðmundarfjörður, we provide the birds with safe sanctuary from predators, where they voluntarily nest during summer.

In return, they’re rewarded with a nestful of highly-prized eiderdown when the birds leave for the Arctic seas. No birds are harmed in the process. Eiderdown farming finds the perfect, symbiotic balance between bird and man.

Read The Story.

Traditionally Handmade in Iceland's Fjords

It’s our passion to preserve our ecosystems and support our communities. In keeping with our Icelandic heritage, our comforters are produced with local materials and labour in Borgarfjörður, a town nestled in the majestic fjords of east Iceland.

The finest-quality German-made 475-thread cotton satin casings are filled with eiderdown into 24-60 individual baffle-box compartments for a luxuriously soft, even spread. Everything is done by hand, with no detail left untouched.

Eiderdown comforter details; certificate of quality
issued by the icelandic government

Custom-Made for a Lifetime of Blissful Sleep

Ordering one of our comforters is a unique experience. You’ll be in direct contact with our founder, Ragna Oskarsdottir. She will guide you through the ordering process and help you customize every single detail of your comforter to fit your preferences.

Our comforters are certified by the Icelandic government, and can last up to 50 years. An investment in one of our comforters is an investment in your sleep – arguably the most important thing in life for your health and wellbeing.

Need help?

Contact Ragna, our founder. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

Ordering Process

Ragna, our founder, will reach out to you after you place your order to confirm your details. You will receive your comforter within 6 weeks of ordering (2-4 weeks manufacturing, 1-2 weeks shipping).

Global Shipping

Tracked, first-class international shipping with DHL, TNT, FedEx or UPS to your country of residence. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks depending on the destination.

Warranty & Returns

Ten years of free repairs if there is a manufacturing flaw. Due to production costs, we can offer a partial 70% refund on returns made within 60 days.

Customer Stories

Average rating

Purchased a comforter last year but hadn't a chance to use it until this winter - it's wonderful and if there's a downside it is that you won't want to get out of bed in the mornings!

Now I'm ordering pillows - so I expect to miss all of the next winter under the covers and pillows. if you are looking for quality, the best there is - this is it and you won't regret it.

Kevin Stein
29 January, 2024

I was looking for the perfect anniversary gift for my husband and remembered our trip to Iceland and an eider colony. After careful research, I ordered our duvet. It has been an absolute dream, so much so that I followed up with a pillow. My search for the perfect way to support my neck is over! I can’t say enough about the quality of our new items or the customer service I received. While this is an investment, it is a lifetime purchase we are so happy to have made. Thank you Ragna and all of your team!

Chandra and Lou
31 October, 2022

After a lot of thinking about buying an eiderdown comforter, Ragna's excellent customer service and highly informative website were convincing factors. I could not be happier that I made the decision to buy! Our comforter is outstanding and more than worth the cost. It feels much lighter than the ones I have owned in the past, and keeps us comfortable (not too hot or cold) all night long. I am also drawn to the fact that the production is a traditional historic process and especially that the eiderducks have protected status and are not interfered with until the chicks have gone and nests are abandoned for the season. Now I even want to visit Iceland and go to the Icelandic Down site!

Leslie Brtek
8 April, 2022

Wir haben zwei Duvets - ein leichtes und ein mittleres - und sind total begeistert. Die Weichheit, die Leichtigkeit, die Temperatur ausgleichenden Eigenschaften, die hochwertige Verarbeitung, schlicht das ganze Produkt überzeugen total.
Die Beratung und die Begleitung durch Ragna waren sehr hilfreich und der Versand durch DHL hat bestens geklappt. Wir sind rundum glücklich und zufrieden.
Ein grosses Dankeschön gebührt allen welche an der Herstellung der wundervollen Decken beteiligt sind.
Gerne werden wir "Islandic Down" in unserem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis weiter empfehlen.
Verena und Adrian aus der Schweiz

Augsburger Verena
16 May, 2024

I treated myelf to an eiderdown duvet after years of waiting for my old duvet to peeter out Today, slipping into bed at night is one of the lovliest moments of my day. It is my own special nest. Thank you little birds for this gift, it's magical. Thank you Ragna for making this possible.

16 May, 2024

bonjour à vous tous,
Ragna, en plus de duvets fabuleux, vous offre un accueil professionnel, attentif et chaleureux pour le choix de vos futures couettes.
j'ai commencé avec un duvet remplissage "medium" pour les hivers de la "Riviera Vaudoise" ensuite avec un deuxième, remplissage "light" pour les mi-saisons et terminé avec un "super light" fait spécialement à ma demande.
Se sont de vrais cocons de bonheur, qu'ils soient, médium, light ou super light, ils vous recouvrent avec légèreté et douceur d'un bien-être fabuleux.
Le seul souci, sortir de son lit devient très, très difficile !

Geneviève Borelli
15 May, 2024

Here comes the story, how I became a super happy and very, very satisfied customer:
That eider ducks are a very special kind of bird and their downs are the most precious and rare of all was something, my mother already told my sister and me when we were little girls. Decades later, I just recently and by pure chance watched a film about Iceland, their eider ducks, their bonding with the Icelandic people since hundreds of years and Ragna, her team and her company Icelandic Down (PS: many of the pictures and stories on the Icelandic Down website are shown in the film and vice versa). I was simply blown away and immediately knew - it is time :-)
So I made myself a birthday present and ordered one of Ragna‘s exquisite duvets. Her and her teams service, starting with their help selecting the right model, through payment and shipping to Germany was excellent and frictionless.
My sleep is transformed ever since, because when I feel the quality and super lightness, but still warmth of the duvet and close my eyes, the whole story of the Icelandic eider ducks unfold in my mind.
Thank you eider ducks and thank you Ragna & team for preserving and sharing this Icelandic treasure.

9 May, 2024

What can i say i bought a warm filled duvet off Ragna who was lovely to deal with, i have owned the duvet for quite a few weeks now its well made and seems to keep you at the correct temp which is snuggly warm it does not get too hot while sleeping under it and it does not end up on the floor it stays on the bed all night. This duvet is fantastic i cannot praise it enough if you are thinking its a lot on money think of the use you will get out of it the years and years of service i am more than happy with it i am over the moon and would buy again in an instant i cannot recommend this family business high enough if you have been put off because of the cost don,t be go for it its the best investment i have made Thank you again Ragna and Team

Dennis Smith
20 February, 2024

To treat myself to something really special I contacted Ragna, and together we chose a down comforter based on my wishes and needs.
It is phenomenal!
Since I unpacked this beautifully crafted comforter on my birthday in December I have looked forward to going to bed every night. The feel of being surrounded by this superlight material that emits such a wonderful warmth is indescribable. I curl up under the comforter and have not slept better in years.
I grew up on the North Sea with Eiderdown comforters and didn't even realize how I missed them when I left home.
One could argue it's just another featherbed - but it is not. Eiderdown is truly special. They are incredibly light and really comfortably warm!
I am often cold. With my old down comforter I used to sometimes wake up to get an extra blanket, put extra socks or a sweater on, even with ambient room temperature.
Not with this comforter!
I am always warm now, even during the most recent power outage in January. The house was nearing freezing temperatures after two days without heat. But my comforter kept me wonderfully warm! I almost enjoyed the cold temperatures around me because they made me appreciate the eiderdown even more.
Thank you so much!

Susanne Lee
30 January, 2024

My wife absolutely loves her comforter -- one of her favorite gifts ever! We've purchased two now and have been very happy with the product and service.

Bob Pritchett
16 January, 2024

We rarely write a review ... but when someone ✨delivers excellence✨ the way Ragna and her company do, it would be absolutely inhumane not to call it to the attention of the world.

We have bought nine of these beautiful comforters over the last three years ... not only for ourselves, but also for those who we love the most in life.

The quality of these comforters is ... haha, Exquisite and unmatched.
(never seen anything like it!)

We're very quality oriented in everything we purchase, and we simply will not sleep under anything else.

They are delightful in the extreme!!!

And the kind, caring, very personal exchanges we've had with Ragna stand Head and Shoulders over every other customer care we've ever received from a company.


If you happen to be reading this review - and you have any inclination to buying something that you will deeply appreciate, enjoy, cherish for all of your life (and hand down for Generations) ... buy one of these, and I guarantee you'll buy more.

There's nothing like this in the world, and it is just heaven to sleep under!

That's it, over and out.

We look forward to buying many many more of these comforters and supporting a company that truly deserves it.

✨Thannnnk you, Ragna✨ and everyone at Icelandic ... for giving us the fruit of your hands, hearts, and spirits.

Wishing you more and more success!

Joy, Wonder, and Surprise,

Robert and Sarah Forest

Robert & sarah Forest
11 January, 2024

Excellent customer services! Ragna helped us step by step with the whole purchasing process and accommodate all the request from our client.

10 January, 2024

Dear Ragna, I have no words how to describe it and it's something fabulous that I haven't felt so much warmth from the Eider down and it's a wonderful thing. I am very satisfied with the purchase I made, I feel like I am wrapped in a cloud of warmth and wonderfulness. The construction materials are also well made. I also like the pillow when I put it in the fresh air in the morning it swells and becomes nice and dense I didn't imagine I was surprised. Even some of the down filled with air. my rating is 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it. Greetings Luigi Fabiano

Luigi Fabiano
9 January, 2024

I ordered a duvet with eiderdown as a Christmas present for my wife on 23 November. I received confirmation a few hours later and the parcel on 11 December here in Vienna. DHL also took care of all the formalities with customs. I was a little unsure at first whether everything would go as promised. Iceland is a bit far away from Austria and not in the EU but only in EFTA, but everything went really well and I only had to pay the amount that was on the invoice. The duvet also cost significantly less than if I had bought it here in Austria. The duvet was perfectly packaged and perfectly sewn. Many thanks to the needlewomen. ;) We also have expensive goose down duvets, but the down duvets from Iceland are even better. They are lighter and thinner and therefore fit better around the body and cold air can't get in anywhere. In any case, my wife is very happy, and if she's happy, I'm happy too. My thanks go to Ragna for the perfect and trouble-free handling.

8 January, 2024

We visited Borgafjordur last summer and hit by chance the studio of Ragna. We were impressed by the Icelandic Eiderdown tradition and after few months decided to order the Eiderdown duvet. We enjoy using it and it is a great memory from our visit.

Micha Ron
30 November, 2023

absolute Empfehlung !!!! Besser geht nicht ! ich habe nun meine Decke 1,5 Jahre und ich bin immer noch überglücklich, mich für die Eiderdauendecke von Icelandic entschieden zu haben. Die Decke wurde für mich maßangefertigt: Es ist ein tolles Gefühl so etwas Exklusives zu haben !! Ich schätze die persönliche Betreuung durch die sympathische Ragna. Im Frühjahr/Sommer/Herbst ist sie perfekt (medium Fill), im Winter könnte ich wohl WARM vertragen. Da nehme ich eine leichte Wolldecke zusätzlich.

11 September, 2023

I am beyond satisfied with the duvet insert. It is lightweight, warm, and luxurious. The customer service was also fantastic. I would shop here again, thanks!

Mika Dubbe
7 June, 2023

I grew up with a featherbed--and was happy. Then down covers were everywhere, not least because of Ikea, and were less bulky, and along the way we learnt that there is down and then there is eiderdown. After I saw the ducks in Iceland, best advertising ever, I began shopping for a duvet and had the pleasure of finding Icelandic Down and Ragna Oskarsdottir. And now I enjoy Nirvana every night. Thank you, Ragna, for an impossibly cozy product and for your care and prompt services.

Erdmann Waniek
17 April, 2023

I have bought a wonderfull duvet for christmas and Ragna has helped a lot more than expected right from the beginning.
Everything went very well, very fast and reliable.
The duvet itself got a wonderful, perfect quality - my wife will never change it again...

Thanks Ragna!

Max Rinnert
13 March, 2023

I was very satisfied with the service and personal touch.
Sleep is at least half time of our life and i am happy to have such a luxurious item that makes my sleep so special.
Thank you for everything
Michael Kafka MD

michael kafka
9 March, 2023

Thanks Ragna, your beautiful duvet will keep warm our nights. It pampers you with is softness; it seems you are sleeping in a cloud! We love it.

Lorenzo & Irina
22 January, 2023

I have had down comforters for years, I love the fact that there isn’t a heavy weight on me when I sleep. But, I have always wanted an eiderdown comforter, and finally decided to treat myself. I was so foolish to wait so long to do this! I got really lucky and found Icelandic Down’s website. I read all about eiderdown harvesting (very cool) and the care and attention that goes into the creation of these comforters. That Ragna takes such a personal interest in her customers is almost unheard these days. She made all my decisions so easy, just by being available and open to questions. My comforter arrived beautifully packed just when she said it would. I let it fluff up overnight and I’ve been enjoying the most wonderful warmth and weightlessness since. it’s fantastic! It’s become one of my treasures for life.

7 January, 2023

Why did I not order an eiderdown before? it is so wonderfully light and fluffy. Ragna is so flexible and was accommodating my wishes. such a joy to go to bed early especially now in winter

6 January, 2023

We love our new eiderdown duvet! Incredibly light, warm, and well made!

20 November, 2022

I read and investigated eiderdown for a year before I committed. My husband and I bought two twins of different weights for our king bed. Although we are Canadians, we like the European idea of separate duvets.!! It is a true Godsend! The quality is obvious and they deliver exactly what is promised. Couldn’t be happier! Ragna was a true pleasure to deal with!

Julie Ashley
15 November, 2022

What a fabulous experience !
Real luxury... with great service.
Ragna was really helpful when choosing the right filling.
The custom size product was made in six weeks.
The quality and confort are really outstanding !
We have been really happy to support the sustainable practice of eiderdown production and the local craftsmanship.
On top, the product was delivered with all the certificates.
Great experience, great product, great people !

14 November, 2022

If only everyone could experience the comfort of sleeping under an eiderdown duvet.

I have slept under white goose down my entire life, and recently upgraded to eiderdown. It is distinctly fluffier and lighter with no shortage of warmth. I am delighted with my Icelandic Down duvet.

Having been to Iceland and touched by the beauty of the land and the people, I knew I wanted to buy a duvet crafted there. Deciding to spend a boatload of money on a blanket wasn't easy, but deciding to buy from Icelandic Down was. Price, quality and customer service were all excellent.

If you are reading this, you may be a fan of all things bedding related, as am I. Know that the type of fabric you choose for the duvet cover makes a difference. In order to maximize the experience of incredible lightness and fluffiness that eiderdown provides, you might consider investing in a Giza cotton duvet. Egyptian Giza 45 is the lightest, softest, silkiest and most breathable cotton there is. I purchased the Amanda duvet by Celso de Lemos, a Portuguese fine linen manufacturer, and couldn't be happier. I think it's the perfect pairing for eiderdown. Sferra and Frette also make duvets with Giza 45. I still use other, heavier duvets from my collection and am happy doing so; it's just a different experience. (If you're interested in educating yourself, there is a youtube channel I can recommend called So Anesu with really helpful information about high end quality linens, among other things. is my go-to source for linens. And if you are a woman and would like pajamas on par with your duvet, check out Oliva von Halle. Game changer).

Since upgrading to eiderdown, I have been more conscious about not doing anything that might reduce the fluffiness of the down. For this reason, I have changed the way I make my bed. I used to place my pillows on top of the duvet; now I turn the duvet down so the pillows rest on the fitted sheet. I don't know if the daily weight of the pillows on the duvet would actually do any harm, but it can't hurt to err on the side of caution. Eiderdown is known for having no feathers or quills so doesn't crush or compress as down feathers do. Still, this is a significant investment and I intend to preserve it as best I can.

8 November, 2022

I recently purchased 2 duvets for my new bed. The duvets are superb and have no weight, but comfortably warm. The service from Ragna and her team has also been outstanding and I would recommend Icelandicdown without hesitation

June Prout
3 November, 2022

Hmm, I have one problem with the Eiderdown I recently purchased: I cannot get my husband out of bed now. He is crippled with arthritis and cannot tolerate anything heavy upon him and said the Eiderdown is a miracle for him. I, personally, consider the Icelandic Eiderdowns of the highest quality and, having grown up from childhood with Duvets, I would recommend these duvets to all and sundry. No sooner do you email Ragna then she answers, and she is very professional in following through to the last detail.

Irena De Mastro
24 September, 2022

worked with Ragna for a custom product. Very easy to work with and received a quality product

23 September, 2022

When visiting the beautiful village "Borgarfjordur eystri" we found this interesting company "Icelandic Down" which manufactures and sells eiderdown duvets and pillows all over the world. What an experience seeing the birds swimming near the shoreline with their hatchlings and discovering these luxury products made with down collected from their nests at the same time. Well it was no question in my mind that I had found my wife's next gift. Now she is a happy owner of both an eiderdown duvet and a pillow. Actually she is so happy with it, she want's another set for our summerhouse!

25 April, 2022

IcelandicDown custom-made the duvet of our dreams for us, in precisely the dimensions we wanted, and to precisely the weight that would keep us comfortable all year round. Ragna was a marvellous communicator throughout and, what is more important perhaps, utterly reliable, as well as being enormously helpful in every way. Slightly to our surprise and much to our relief, the cost of the duvet was actually very reasonable for an article of such quality, as a comparison to other possible suppliers quickly made clear.

The added bonus, of course, has been the genuine romance of bringing a piece of Icelandic nature and craftsmanship into our home, something that was particularly meaningful in our case, since Gail's grandparents were emigrants from Iceland. We tell ourselves that the duvet we now enjoy is natural, environmental, and humane, as well as being pure indulgence.

Don't hesitate to take the plunge yourself.

Timothy and Gail
22 April, 2022

Icelandic Down provides an excellent product and service.

Kristján Ketill Stefánsson
22 April, 2022

I bought my first eiderdown duvet as a birthday present in february for my wife. And got immediately jealous!!! Bought one for me as well – and: perfect! The duvets are not cheap at all, but worth every penny. I'm thinking of buying a pillow too. The quality of the duvets is extraordinary – lightweight, fluffy, cozy. We call them «clouds», and I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

20 April, 2022

The best testimonial is the one where you put your money where your mouth is. After enjoying my duvet for several months, I am about to order my second. The quality and craftmanship is simply the best.

9 April, 2022

Simply put, this is truly investment-worthy bedding from IcelandicDown.

In my opinion, their duvets are to bedding what a Ferrari is to motor vehicles.

There are many duvets out there, all to differing budgets but one chooses eiderdown when they want to truly spoil themselves with what is frankly the best of the best.

I chose to purchase from Ragna and her team for numerous reasons after having done a substantive browsing online.

Firstly, they’re a pleasure to deal with throughout and you pretty much get a sense of that personalised service you get similarly when flying first class.

Secondly, Ragna will customise any request and guide you meticulously all the way.

Thirdly, value for money, they really are unmatched. My duvet had over 1kg of eiderdown fill and when compared with elsewhere, IcelandicDown was at least 30% more inexpensive.

And fourthly, the means they go to to collect the eiderdown & its sustainability - you definitely come to understand this is something Ragna and her team genuinely appreciate doing.

The quality of the casing is superior. I couldn’t fault anything. I’m now contemplating following up my purchase with two 50x75 pillows.

Jeff J
7 April, 2022

I had been considering a Icelandic Eider Down duvet for some time, but due to the price hadn't rushed in.
Now that I have made the purchase a Warm Super King, I regret not having made the decision sooner. Ragna was great and provided advice to my question and helped me move forward.
The first night was bliss, the duvet felt so light compared to my old one and just seemed to 'float' on top of us and keep us warm and comfortable, not too warm.
The duvet arrived on time and as described and I would thoroughly recommend one to anyone. We are now considering the pillows next!

Andy H
2 March, 2022

Dear Ragna and all the team at Icelandic Down, when we started to look at getting a new duvet we soon decided that this time round we would go for the best duvet we could possible find and that it had to be an Eiderdown Duvet. We did not know the Icelandic Down company and when by accident on a grey and cold Saturday morning we "stumbled" on the Icelandic Down website we had a an instant good feeling. So we decided to ask for more information and what a pleasant surprise that that same morning we had an answer from Ragna. The rest is history - we had questions - were not sure what weight - and many more details but one by one Ragna answered our questions and a few days later with the help of Ragna we knew what size and what weight fill we wanted to have. Our tailor made Duvet has arrived some 3 weeks ago and it is as good or may be even better than expected . We sleep so comfortable and it such a great feeling laying under this duvet ....what can we say .... it is simply FANTASTIC .

Jef & Bettina
1 March, 2022

After visiting an eider farm in Iceland in 2021, I became convinced that I should have an eider down duvet and pillow. I learned so much from Ragna about eider and finally took the plunge to purchase. I'm now the delighted owner of a custom-sized duvet and pillow. So incredibly light, and the pillow is the perfect density. This was a BIG treat to myself and I don't regret it for a minute. As cold as our winter has been in the western U.S., this has been perfect for me: nice and warm almost immediately after sliding into bed!

Janis Pierce
7 February, 2022

After several weeks of thought and research, I purchased an eiderdown duvet. The Icelandic Down website provides extensive information; I loved learning about all the aspects of the production process. I am thoroughly pleased and thrilled with my eiderdown duvet and anticipate handing it down as a treasured heirloom. It is so beautifully luxurious and toasty warm without overheating me. I am very pleased with the product, ordering, and purchasing experience. My duvet arrived sooner than the timeline estimates when I ordered, and I received several updates during the process and shipping. I absolutely love my eiderdown!

4 January, 2022

I purchased a duvet and pillow. I’m amazed at how perfectly they adjust to my warmth needs. I used to sleep under an electric blanket. Honestly, I’m warmer within a minute! I’m cradled in warmth and softness. I’m so happy I invested in my sleep comfort. I’m so happy I purchased from Ragna, she was helpful multiple times.

Sharon Galliher
4 January, 2022

As with Kaisa we bought each other the duvet for Christmas. I'm glad we did : it is always very comforting to get into. It seems to know your body warmth automatically. And does not get too hot or too cold.

James W Buckee
3 January, 2022

When I was 10 (mow 60) my birthday would always fell in the summer. My family would take 3 months
to travel the world. I was lucky enough to have a birthday on it the travels. We were in Ireland and I got a Comforter. Lucky me. It was the wasrmest thing I had. My sister stole it when she moved out. After that I must of bought over 30+ comforters to replace it. None were like my original. UNTIL I found yours company. I’m whole again. Thank you so much. Your Conforte will always be the one I buy. You spoiled me and ocne your spoiled you never can go back.

Sheryl De Mers
3 January, 2022

My husband and I purchased an eiderdown duvet as a Christmas present for ourselves. It is the perfect gift as we value our sleep very highly. The duvet is incredibly luxurious - it is so fluffy and soft. It stays fluffy throughout the night and doesn’t form any clumps like regular feather duvets do.
Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to let the dogs out and it’s the best feeling ever to get back under the deliciously warm blanket.
It is pricey, but hopefully it will last us a lifetime.

20 December, 2021

We have now slept under our wonderful new duvet for just over two weeks. It is as light as gossamer, and promotes a perfect temperature for each of us in a different way - gone are the hot water bottle and the cold knees! It has transformed our sleeping experience. Ragna has been extremely helpful throughout the process, and we are deeply grateful to her and her team, and particularly to the avian members for supplying their magical down.

Paula and Jai
1 December, 2021

I just purchased my second Icelandic down duvet for the guest room in our home. WE purchased our first for our master bedroom a year ago and decided our guests should have the same lovely duvet and blissful sleep. There is nothing to compare and well worth the investment. The customer service is amazing, too. Bravo Ragna and team.

Karen Lowe
15 November, 2021

The duvet we received is of exceptional quality and very reasonably priced. Thanks a lot Ragna for making our night sleep much more comfortable!

11 November, 2021

Incredible softness and feather-light! After a trip of a lifetime to Iceland and seeing eider ducks and nests firsthand, I chose to gift myself with this comforter, and support the folks of Iceland. The service was impeccable and correspondence quickly answered. Interestingly, in my stays in Iceland and Switzerland, only a fitted sheet is used, then the comforter on top. No flat sheets or blankets to get wrapped in for us tossers and turners during the night. It is quite an investment, but the investment of a lifetime. I’m very pleased with this product and the quality of Icelandic Down. Thanks Ragna!

21 October, 2021

My wife, Inger (71) is very happy with the duvet. She has never slept so well during her adult life.

Steen, Denmark
21 October, 2021

I was in Borgarfjörður Eystri with my family and out of curiosity we visited the workshop of Ragna where the staff welcomed us very kindly and showed us the down and types of duvets. I had longed for an eiderdown duvet for quite a long time and I am sooo happy with it. It’s light and fluffy, and just the best! Ragna was very helpful with choosing the weight and everything. 100% reccommend!

Kristin Torfa
4 September, 2021

I wish I could express how truly special it is to sleep under something so exquisite and so pure. To know I’m supporting a business that puts animal welfare at the forefront of everything means the world to me. I’m sleeping under a quilt where no birds are harmed and that gives me such a good feeling. I chose Icelandic down to make my king size doona because the quality is far superior to anything else on the market. I’m in Sydney Australia and searched the world for the best bedding and I know I found it. Ragna was so much help. She should be very proud of what she has created. The world needs more people like you Ragna. Thank you for my doona, I will always cherish it.

Samantha Bentley
21 July, 2021

We ordered a king size comforter and it's a touch of haven on earth. The down is incredibly light and cover fabric is soft and high quality. Ragna was extremely helpful answering all my questions and shipping was prompt. We really enjoyed the personal attention we received from this small company, great overall purchasing experience. Highly recommend.

Marta Unnarsdottir
22 June, 2021

My new duvet is simply superb !! Not cheap but excellent value.

Cameron Low
4 June, 2021

After a lot of e-mailing back and forth with the owner of Icelandic Eiderdown (Ragna), I bought a single duvet (duvet), medium filled and it can't really be described in words.

Super light in weight but super warm, especially cozy warm.

No more heated synthetic states, just super!

I was skeptical at first because the purchase is quite pricey, but it is worth every euro.

According to Ragna Oskarsdottir, this duvet will last for years, time will tell.

I do know one thing for sure, my next duvet is 100% eider down.

I can recommend this to everyone, especially for people who suffer from too hot or overheated legs at night.

Thank you to all the people of Icelandic Eiderdown, your delicate work is in fact priceless, thank you for everything.

PS. Even 5 stars isn't enough to say how good this product is.

Greetings from Belgium,
Clara De Smet

Clara De Smet
4 June, 2021

Hello everybody!
Today I want to leave a review.

Now one and a half week ago I got my brand new handcrafted duvet from Icelandic down, medium filled with 600g downs from Icelandic eiderducks. 10 days are much time for testing because I felt happy even after the first sleep covered with my new duvet.

As first I must say that the quality is excellent. Nothing you could get better elsewhere I would say.
The wonderful soft duvet slides close to the body without loosing its form. The filling stays regular inside the cover and does not move to the sides. This is an important criterion too.
From the bottom of my heart I can say that I am very satisfied with my new duvet. I sleep very well with it.

Okay, someone could say it is expensive. But think it over: it is all naturally, the downs are gathered hand picked from wild living eider ducks, cleaned carefully, you get no plastic fibres, no chemicals, but a very good handcrafted product. You get a lot of certificates with it. And last but not least everybody who ever had a duvet filled with downs knows that it will be very long living.

I would give five stars for this product.

If all of this would not be enough, Ragna Oskarsdottir, Owner of Icelandic Down, gives you an excellent service. May it be that you are not sure about the size or the amount of the filling or any other questions you have she pretends and gives help. You can email or call by phone. So nothing can go wrong.

The shipping to Germany was without any problems.

Best regards,
Uwe from Leipzig in Saxony (Germany)

4 February, 2021

Our purchase of a down comforter from your company is the best purchase we have made in recent memory. It is not only incredibly light and perfectly warm, one also sleeps free from a guilty conscience as no animals were harmed in its production.

Yrsa and Óli
4 February, 2021

I got my duvet about a week ago, after a pleasant process of customizing my order with Ragna.
After several nights with the duvet, I can say it is an amazing product!
So much different from any other duvet I had in the past… Keeps you warm, while almost weightless, and extremely breathable.
Definitely worth the investment.
Thank you Ragna!!

18 January, 2021

Once you’ve tried eiderdown, there’s no going back. I should know for I have tried. Furthermore once you experience excellent customer service from Ms. Ragna, you don’t want to shop elsewhere for your eiderdown needs. Once again, I should know for I have tried.
When you factor in cost, the quality of the product and the magnitude of service. Purchasing eiderdown from Icelandic down is second to none.

Jaron Frost
30 December, 2020

Most reviews initially focus on the product which in this case speaks for itself.Let me comment on Ragna and her team . I have never received the kind of attention I received here . Prompt informative and sincere. These people are terribly proud of their product and of their heritage. Read a bit about all that goes into creating eider products and I think you will understand why they are pricey but well worth the investment.

James Peterson
30 December, 2020

A few years ago, while visiting Iceland, I had the pleasure of sleeping under a genuine eiderdown duvet. I was so impressed that I ordered my own when I saw the advertisement from Icelandic Down. I now get to sleep under this thistledown-light duvet every night. The warmth without weight is wonderful. I was also very impressed with the workmanship and finish in the article. Thank you Ragna.

John Anderson
28 December, 2020

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy my new eiderdown duvet. It is light and warm but never too warm.
Thank you for this wonderful product!

Rósa Björk Þorbjarnardóttir
22 October, 2020

A hut-wardens hint in a remote Icelandic fjord. A stunning visit in a workshop in Borgarfjordur eystri, learning about a wonderful, sustainable product. A swift decision and now I´m happy owner of a super-duvet. Perfectly manufactured, perfectly warm, simply perfect. As my fellow countryman Arnie always says: I´ll be back :).

Oliver Rathschueler
19 October, 2020

A superior product that keeps you at the perfect temperature! Icelandic Down's quality is evident throughout the product and the excellent customer service provided by Ragna and her staff.

12 October, 2020

My wife and I love our beautiful new eiderdown duvet. We can now comfortably sleep with an open window, even with the chilly autumn nights. Your masterpiece has found a beautiful home that we will cherish for many years to come. Thank you again for taking care of us personally. We value great service!

12 September, 2020

I bought a duvet from Icelandic Down in the summer. It is the best duvet I have owned and I do not regret investing in such a wonderful product. It was a pleasure doing business with Icelandic Down and I wish them the best of luck in the future.

1 September, 2020

My husband gave me an eiderdown duvet. It's both very warm and fluffy. Even though I'm sensitive to cold, in the beginning I was a bit afraid that the duvet would be too warm for me. That is not the case, it is just perfect. The eiderdown also has this remarkable effect that even if you just lay a corner of it over your shoulder, it somehow radiates the warmth all over.

16 May, 2020


So you should by an Eiderdown duvet. We did, from Ragna at Icelandic Down and we are very happy; impressed with the genuine caring service that can only be given by a small company, and sleeping better. How do we know? We wake up later and we don’t notice if the duvet is making us hot or cold. It is just there, floating above us, doing its amazing “Goldilocks” temperature control.

Harvey Bowden, the water softener man from England recommends you.

Harvey Bowden
5 January, 2020

My grandfather's father got an eiderdown comforter when he was an old man and my grandfather was determined to do the same. He wanted a light but warm comforter to cover himself at night and recently made his dream come true with a comforter from Icelandic Down. He is very satisfied with his purchase.

22 November, 2019

Our baby boy was given an eiderdown duvet as a gift from his grandfather. We couldn't be happier with it. The quality is extraordinary. The duvet is lightweight, fluffy and all in all very cozy. Our little boy sleeps really well wrapped in his beautiful duvet!

Laura and Paul
14 November, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eiderdown duvet vs comforter - what's the difference?

There is no real difference - except in our product sizing. Both are down-filled blankets with baffle-box stitching. Duvet is the term used in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries and elsewhere. Comforter is used in the United States and Canada.

Learn more.

Why is Icelandic Eiderdown expensive?

Eiderdown is a rare natural resource, and the world’s most prized out of all duvet fillings for its luxurious softness, lightness, and insulating properties. Our Icelandic down is also painstakingly collected and processed by hand. This combination of factors adds a premium price tag to our products.

Learn more.

Why is eiderdown better than other duvet fillings?

Eiderdown is unique in that it has no hard quills or feathers. It’s softer and springier than the likes of goose down, so it resists compression and can warm your bed for decades. It’s also thermo-regulating, meaning it adjusts to to keep you warmer or cooler depending on the ambient temperature.

Holding Eiderdown in your hand is magical; all you’ll feel is a glowing warmth – it weighs practically nothing. And when you stuff it into your fist and then release, it’ll spring up to 10 times its own volume.

Oh, and unlike other bird downs (goose or commercial duck down) which often involve cruel processes like live plucking, Eiderdown is 100% sustainable and animal-friendly – the birds voluntarily leave their down behind in their nests. No birds are harmed in the process!

Learn more.

How do I know that the eiderdown is genuine?

You’ll receive two certificates with your order.

One is a veterinary certificate guaranteeing the origin of the eiderdown and stating that the eiderdown is collected from healthy birds.

The second certificate comes from one of twelve quality inspectors who have been appointed by the Icelandic government to oversee that all eiderdown sold and exported in Iceland is pure, quality eiderdown and that the weight described is accurate.

Which fill amount should I choose?

We offer three different “fills” — light, medium and warm. This determines how much eiderdown we put inside.

If you tend to get cold at night, then you should choose the warm option, which has plenty of eiderdown to keep you warm at night.

However, if you tend to feel hot at night, then you may want to consider the light option. It has less eiderdown. If you are familiar with the TOG rating, then these are the TOG numbers for our duvets/comforters:

Light: 6-7 Tog
Medium: 9-10.5 Tog
Warm: 12-14 Tog

If you don’t know which one to choose, then we recommend the medium option. It should work fine because eiderdown tends to adapt to your temperature by expanding when it’s cold and compressing when it’s warm.

We can also add custom fill amounts if you want more or less eiderdown.

For a full list of fill weights, click here for duvets/comforters, and here for pillows.

Do you sell sheets, covers, or casings?

No, eiderdown is all we do.

How are your products constructed?

Everything is custom-made to order, meaning we hold no stock. Our duvets and comforters are hand-stitched using a baffle-box technique. Cotton casings are filled with eiderdown then evenly spread between baffle boxes, keeping the spread even.

Pillows are simpler, and don't require baffle-boxing.
Learn more.

How do I care for my eiderdown duvet/comforter/pillow?

Eiderdown bedding requires very little in terms of product care. But these are our guidelines:


Eiderdown loves fresh air. Every few days, shake the product to fluff it up. You can also air it outside every few months. This gets rid of dust and helps the eiderdown recover its fluffiness. Best done on fresh and low-humidity days.


Avoid washing unless absolutely necessary. We recommend professional cleaning. Gently machine wash at 40°C with a high-quality down soap. Air dry thoroughly leaving no dampness (damp can damage the eiderdown).

What if I don’t see my preferred size listed?

We can make duvets/comforters in any size, with any fill amount.

Just email Ragna at or via our contact page and tell us which size you want.

We will give you a quote based on the size and amount of eiderdown needed.

What guarantees do you offer?

All of our bedding is covered by a ten-year warranty. If the product breaks due to a flaw, then you can send it back to us for free repair or replacement. You'll also receive a lifetime of customer support from Ragna herself.

Where do you ship to?

We offer tracked, first-class shipping to nearly any country in the globe. Our partners include DHL, TNT, FedEx or UPS, but we can use another carrier if you prefer.

Learn more.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Product manufacturing takes 2-4 weeks, and shipping takes 1-2 weeks. It depends on a few factors, including our back orders and shipping distance. A good estimate is - you’ll receive your product 3-6 weeks from ordering.

I have an unanswered question. What do I do?

You can ask Ragna, our founder, anything. Contact her via email (, phone (+354 892 3342), or instant message (click the chat icon in the bottom-right of your screen).

Have a Question?
Contact Ragna.

If you're interested in learning more about our products or the ordering process, I'd be happy to help. Email, Call number (+354) 892-3342, or message below.

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