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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most common customer questions.

Common Questions

Why is Icelandic Eiderdown expensive?

Eiderdown is a rare natural resource, and the world’s most prized out of all duvet fillings for its luxurious softness, lightness, and insulating properties. Our Icelandic down is also painstakingly collected and processed by hand. This combination of factors adds a premium price tag to our products.

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Why is eiderdown better than other duvet fillings?

Eiderdown is unique in that it has no hard quills or feathers. It’s softer and springier than the likes of goose down, so it resists compression and can warm your bed for decades. It’s also thermo-regulating, meaning it adjusts to to keep you warmer or cooler depending on the ambient temperature.

Holding Eiderdown in your hand is magical; all you’ll feel is a glowing warmth – it weighs practically nothing. And when you stuff it into your fist and then release, it’ll spring up to 10 times its own volume.

Oh, and unlike other bird downs (goose or commercial duck down) which often involve cruel processes like live plucking, Eiderdown is 100% sustainable and animal-friendly – the birds voluntarily leave their down behind in their nests. No birds are harmed in the process!

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Eiderdown duvet vs comforter - what's the difference?

There is no real difference - except in our product sizing. Both are down-filled blankets with baffle-box stitching. Duvet is the term used in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries and elsewhere. Comforter is used in the United States and Canada.

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Do you sell sheets, covers, or casings?

No, eiderdown is all we do.

How should I order bedding?

Visit our online store and visit the product page you’re interested in. There, you can adjust dimensions and fill weight. You can then pay via our online checkout. 

However, if you have custom specifications or need help, feel free to contact Ragna ( or via live chat on this website).

I have an unanswered question. What do I do?

You can ask Ragna, our founder, anything. Contact her via email (, phone (+354 892 3342), or instant message (click the chat icon in the bottom-right of your screen).

Products & Ordering

How are your products constructed?

Everything is custom-made to order, meaning we hold no stock. Our duvets and comforters are hand-stitched using a baffle-box technique. Cotton casings are filled with eiderdown then evenly spread between baffle boxes, keeping the spread even.

Pillows are simpler, and don't require baffle-boxing.
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Which fill amount should I choose?

We offer three different “fills” — light, medium and warm. This determines how much eiderdown we put inside.

If you tend to get cold at night, then you should choose the warm option, which has plenty of eiderdown to keep you warm at night.

However, if you tend to feel hot at night, then you may want to consider the light option. It has less eiderdown. If you are familiar with the TOG rating, then these are the TOG numbers for our duvets/comforters:

Light: 6-7 Tog
Medium: 9-10.5 Tog
Warm: 12-14 Tog

If you don’t know which one to choose, then we recommend the medium option. It should work fine because eiderdown tends to adapt to your temperature by expanding when it’s cold and compressing when it’s warm.

We can also add custom fill amounts if you want more or less eiderdown.

For a full list of fill weights, click here for duvets/comforters, and here for pillows.

What are your product dimensions?

We have a huge range of dimensions for comforters and duvets, as well as pillows. We can also produce 100% custom product dimensions depending on your needs.

Click here for a list of dimensions for comforters and duvets, and here for pillows.

What if I don’t see my preferred size listed?

We can make duvets/comforters in any size, with any fill amount.

Just email Ragna at or via our contact page and tell us which size you want.

We will give you a quote based on the size and amount of eiderdown needed.

How many grams of eiderdown do your products contain?

This depends on two things - fill power and product dimension.

Click here for a full list of specifications for duvets and comforters.

Click here for a full list of specifications for pillows.

Feel free to contact Ragna for more information.

How do I care for my eiderdown duvet/comforter/pillow?

Eiderdown bedding requires very little in terms of product care. But these are our guidelines:


Eiderdown loves fresh air. Every few days, shake the product to fluff it up. You can also air it outside every few months. This gets rid of dust and helps the eiderdown recover its fluffiness. Best done on fresh and low-humidity days.


Avoid washing unless absolutely necessary. We recommend professional cleaning. Gently machine wash at 40°C with a high-quality down soap. Air dry thoroughly leaving no dampness (damp can damage the eiderdown).

What if I want to adjust my bedding?

Returned products must be received by us within 60 days of the date of your purchase. You must bear the cost of shipping the product back to us. We’d be happy to make any adjustments to your order within this window.

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship to?

We offer tracked, first-class shipping to nearly any country in the globe. Our partners include DHL, TNT, FedEx or UPS, but we can use another carrier if you prefer.

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How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Product manufacturing takes 2-4 weeks, and shipping takes 1-2 weeks. It depends on a few factors, including our back orders and shipping distance. A good estimate is - you’ll receive your product 3-6 weeks from ordering.

How should I order bedding?

Visit our online store and visit the product page you’re interested in. There, you can adjust dimensions and fill weight. You can then pay via our online checkout. 

However, if you have custom specifications or need help, feel free to contact Ragna ( or via live chat on this website).

What guarantees do you offer?

All of our bedding is covered by a ten-year warranty. If the product breaks due to a flaw, then you can send it back to us for free repair or replacement. You'll also receive a lifetime of customer support from Ragna herself.

What if I want a refund?

If you are unhappy with your product, then you are eligible for a partial refund. We can refund 70% of the product price if we receive it in new or gently used condition. We cannot offer full refunds because a large part of the cost of producing our products is not recoverable.

We must receive the product within 60 days of your purchase for you to be eligible for a partial refund.

Once we receive the product, we will refund your money via credit card or international wire transfer.