Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our eiderdown products.

What’s the difference between the duvet and comforter?

There is no difference between these two products on our site. People in some countries like the US use the word “comforter” while others use the word “duvet.”

If you are from the US, then the eiderdown comforter page has the sizes that are used in the US. The eiderdown duvet page lists sizes that are more common in Europe and elsewhere.

But the products and prices are identical, so there really is no difference.

Do you use baffle box construction?

Yes, all our duvets/comforters are made with the baffle box method. This is the best way to make a duvet and it ensures that the eiderdown spreads evenly across.

Which fill amount should I choose?

We offer three different “fills” — light, medium and warm. This determines how much eiderdown we put inside.

If you tend to get cold at night, then you should choose the warm option, which has plenty of eiderdown to keep you warm at night.

However, if you tend to feel hot at night, then you may want to consider the light option. It has less eiderdown.

If you are familiar with the TOG rating, then these are the TOG numbers for our duvets/comforters:

  • Light: 6-7 Tog
  • Medium: 9-10.5 Tog
  • Warm: 12-14 Tog

If you don’t know which one to choose, then we recommend the medium option. It should work fine because eiderdown tends to adapt to your temperature by expanding when it’s cold and compressing when it’s warm.

We can also add custom fill amounts if you want more or less eiderdown.

What if I don’t see my preferred size listed?

We can make duvets/comforters in any size, with any fill amount. Just email us at [email protected] or via the contact form and tell us which size you want.

We will give you a quote based on the size and amount of eiderdown needed.

Which is better — silk or cotton?

Both are great and it depends on your personal preference. The cotton is a bit lighter, but the silk is more shiny and prettier to look at.

If you use a duvet cover, which is highly recommended, then there is no visible difference so you might as well choose cotton.

Are the birds harmed?

The way our eiderdown is harvested does not involve any harm to the birds. In fact, the eider farmer protects the birds and provides a sanctuary for them.

The eiderdown is picked from the nest around the time the eggs hatch and the young leave the nest. The birds are 100% free and they return willingly each summer so that they can lay their eggs safely.

On the other hand, other types of down (duck down and goose down) often involve very cruel treatment of the birds.

If the wellbeing of animals is important to you, then you should really choose eiderdown instead of other types of down.

Is eiderdown sustainable?

Yes, the eiderdown that we use is completely sustainable. The eider duck is completely free and plucks the down from her breast willingly so that the heat from her breast can spread to the eggs.

The eider duck returns to the same place, year after year, in order to lay her eggs in safety.

Why is eiderdown the best material in the world for duvets and comforters?

Eiderdown has unique properties. It has a structure that causes the down fibers to stick together very strongly and provide very effective insulation.

It also adapts to the temperature. When it’s hot, the eiderdown compresses to reduce insulation. When it’s cold, it expands to increase insulation and protect you from the cold.

Unlike some other types of down filling, there are no rough feathers inside. Just natural soft, fluffy eiderdown that expands to gently and evenly fill the baffle boxes inside the duvets/comforters.

It is really a magical feeling to hold the eiderdown in your hand. It is so light that it feels completely weightless, as if you are holding a soft but warming cloud.

Is Icelandic eiderdown better than other eiderdown?

We certainly think so. Iceland is a very clean country with fresh air and little pollution. The nesting area where our eiderdown is hand-picked is far away from any sort of human activity, it is as natural and peaceful as it gets.

About 75% of the eiderdown harvested worldwide comes from Iceland. But some eiderdown is also harvested in Canada and Norway.

How are the products shipped?

We use premium shipping with international shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Shipping is free and we charge import duties and taxes during checkout, so all you need to do is receive the product when it is delivered all the way to your doorstep.