This page contains details about our shipping policies.

Shipping cost

All of our eiderdown duvets and comforters come with free shipping. But you will be responsible for all taxes and import duties (more details under “Customs, Taxes and Import Duties” below).

Shipping time

Icelandic Down aims to ship all products within 2-4 weeks of receiving the orders. Every effort is made to ship all products as soon as possible and we will notify you of the estimated shipping time after we receive your order.

Shipping method

International orders will be shipped with DHL Express.

Orders from Iceland will be shipped with the Icelandic Post or by someone on the Icelandic Down team.

Customs, Taxes and Import Duties

When the shipment reaches your country, you may be required to pay taxes, import duties or other fees.

Any charges required to clear the product through customs must be borne by you. Icelandic Down has no control over these charges and we are unable to predict them in every country that we ship to.

Customs policies are vastly different from country to country. If you want to know what charges may be included, then we recommend you contact your local customs office.

In addition, when you order from, you are considered to be the importer of the product and you have to comply with all the rules, laws and regulations in your country.

Iceland does not charge any additional fees, duties or taxes when exporting products internationally. But orders delivered within Iceland will have a 24% VAT tax added to the final price.

Icelandic Down will not be responsible for any payments or refunds of customs fees, taxes or VAT.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. International customers should be aware that shipments accross borders are subject to inspection by customs.

We will provide safe and secure checkout via an Icelandic payment processor called Borgun. In addition, our website is secured via SSL and stored on highly secure servers managed by Google.

Icelandic Down reserves the right to refuse to process any charge, sale or shipment if we suspect fraud or illegal activity.

We need to provide some information about the order, product and shipment to our international carriers. This information may be forwarded to the customs authorities to facilitate clearance and comply with laws and regulations.

Keep in mind that if your order is a gift, the cost of the item may still be stated on the customs form.

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