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This is our story

It all began in Loðmundarfjörður, a remote fjord in Iceland...

Picture a lush valley surrounded by magnificent volcanic mountains. It’s one of Iceland’s most spectacular fjords – only accessible by 4×4 vehicle during the summer. There, Ragna and her family visited an eiderdown sanctuary where Oli and Johanna, two farmers, follow the millenia-old Icelandic tradition of eider duck farming.

Ragna noted, “There were eiderducks everywhere! In the fields, on the roof, at the doorstep. What struck me was how comfortable they were living alongside humans.” 

Oli’s one regret was sending the raw Eiderdown abroad – allowing foreign businesses to profit from Iceland’s most prized natural resource. 

And so the idea for Icelandic Down was born.

We follow in the sustainable footsteps of our ancestors

Now, Icelandic Down partners with Oli and Johanna to produce some of the world’s finest eiderdown duvets and comforters.

No birds are harmed – in fact, they voluntarily leave their down behind when they abandon their nests.

In keeping with our Icelandic traditions, nearly everything is sustainably produced with local materials and local labour – all in the quaint, picturesque town of Borgarfjörður Eystri.

And to guarantee its quality, our eiderdown is inspected and certified by the Icelandic Government.

What's important to us?

The Environment

Our native Iceland is special. That’s why we use sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices to preserve it.

Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in doing everything by hand – from gathering eiderdown to cleaning and processing to every single duvet thread that we stitch.

Icelandic Traditions

Man and the eider duck have had a peaceful, symbiotic relationship in Iceland for 1000+ years. We aim to keep it that way.

Strength of Family

Our company is a small, family-run operation. This means we’re in it for the long haul – and you receive better, more personal customer service.

Two families form Icelandic Down

Two families are involved with the company. Both families have talented individuals with unique skills that are extremely valuable in the making of the high-quality products we produce and sell.

Oli and Johanna take care of the eider ducks by protecting and preserving their nesting area. They also harvest the down when the ducks have left the nest.

Ragna is the CEO and takes care of the day-to-day operations. Ragna’s daughter, Astros, handles photography and design.

Ragna’s son, Kristjan, is an experienced online marketer. Thorir, Ragna’s partner, is an engineer who is in charge of processes and equipment.

Meet the Team


Photography & Design



Jóhanna and Óli

Eider duck farmers

Photographs from Instagram

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We have some awesome news!

Finally our new website is finished! The last couple of months, we at Icelandic Down and with great help from,,, Steinrún Ótta (photographer), have worked on the redesign of our website. It’s taken a lot of hardwork and patience but we are very happy with the outcome. We hope you are too so don’t hesitate to visit our website at the link in our bio. 😁
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Having a little fun playing with our amazing eiderdown!
Want to learn more about eiderdown ? Check out our website
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We at Icelandic Down wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! ...

In this segment from channel N4 Sjónvarp, we go over all the steps necessary to make our amazing eiderdown products. Unlike other down, eiderdown is 100% animal and eco-friendly when harvested the right way at the right time, like we do.

Full length here:

This is taken on the shore of Eskifjodur. A fjord in east Iceland.

Did you know that the eiderduck spends two months a year on land? The other ten months it spends at sea!
Those ten months you can find it all along the coast of Iceland.
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Our wonderful eiderdown! This is what’s in our duvets and pillows. It’s the best natural insulator that you can find and on top of that it’s as light as air! 📸 @skuligeirdal .
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We had our first tv interview today! .
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Did you know that all of our eiderdown is hand picked in a sustainable and eco friendly manner? 🌎
This way both we and the eider ducklings get to enjoy the comfort of this amazing material! ☺️ #icelandicdown #eiderdown #iceland #nature

A great place to nap!

Learn more about our amazing 100% natural products at

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Interested in learning more about Eiderdown?

Feel free to reach out to Ragna to learn more about Eiderdown, our company, or how to order a duvet.

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Concierge Customer Service

Throughout the purchasing experience, you'll be in direct contact with Ragna, our founder and CEO. She'll make sure everything goes smoothly.

100% Custom Made

Each of our products are made-to-order. From fill weight to dimensions, we can customise nearly anything you require for the perfect night's sleep.

Quality Certificates

All of our eiderdown duvets and comforters have quality certificates provided by the Icelandic government. You will receive a copy of the certificates with your order.