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Why eiderdown?

Eiderdown is one of nature's wonders

Discover why it has been prized for centuries as the finest bedding material in the world.

What is Eiderdown?

The soft underlayer of feathers from the Common Eider duck (Somateria Mollissima, ‘very soft wool body’ in Latin).

Unique physical properties and a natural scarcity make it one of Iceland’s most precious natural resources.

Why does it make the world’s finest bedding?

Temperature Regulating

Shrinks & expands to maintain the perfect temperature.

Powerfully Insulating

Keeps you warmer than any other down on the planet.

Compression Resistant

Maintains its form and unique qualities for decades.

Pure Softness

No hard quills or feathers make it cozier and warmer.

Uniquely Sustainable

World's only ethical, cruelty-free down.

Icelandic Quality

Inspected & certified by Icelandic government.

The Science Behind Eiderdown

Hold it in your hand. It’s so soft, practically weightless. Do you feel it? That ever-glowing warmth… how comforting.

Eiderdown is unlike any other material on the planet. Under the microscope, it reveals its magic in a chaos of intertwined threads. There’s order to the chaos, creating tiny, insulating pockets of Arctic-beating warmth.

It shrinks and expands as if it were alive, always maintaining a ‘Goldilocks-perfect’ temperature. Free from hard quills or feathers, eiderdown is softer, more insulating and more resilient than the finest white goose down.

These unique properties make eiderdown uniquely suited for luxury bedding. And due to its springy, compression-resistant nature, it can retain its form and insulating properties for decades.

Legacy of Sustainable Farming

In the 10th Century, weary Norsemen landed on Iceland’s virgin shores. When they stumbled across the first eider duck nest, it was the start of a peculiar partnership that continues to this day.

Icelanders have followed the sustainable practice of eiderdown farming for over 1000 years. We create special sanctuaries to protect the birds from predators during summer. When they return to the sea, ducklings in tow, they leave behind a gift of thanks – their precious eiderdown.

This symbiotic relationship between man and bird is ingrained in our national identity. So much so that, in 1847, the government placed the eider duck under official protection and in 2005 issued new laws that require special inspectors to assess the quality of Iceland’s eiderdown!

Cherished Around The Globe

From the Queen of England to the Tsars of Russia, eiderdown has been a favorite of European royalty throughout the centuries for its qualities and rarity.

In fact, only four tons of eiderdown is produced globally each year, with 75% of that coming from Iceland. Compared to gold (340t), diamonds (28t), and platinum (160t), there is far less eiderdown in the world than most precious minerals.

Besides its rarity, Icelandic eiderdown’s unique physical properties and sustainable sourcing offer conscientious consumers a peerless choice when it comes to their bedding.

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