Eiderdown is one of nature's wonders

And so is the unlikely hero of our story – the eider duck.

This is their story

The eider duck spends 10 months at sea...

And the other two on land, nesting their young. But after enduring long winter months fishing for crustaceans in icy-cold seas, the summertime return to Iceland is not without its’ own perils. The bird has many natural predators – including seagulls, minks and foxes – that could push it to complete extinction.

An unusual connection between man and bird

Icelandic farmers keep the eider ducks safe by building special sanctuaries where they can lay their eggs. In the process of nesting, the females lose up to 45% of their bodyweight.

Despite this sacrifice, she still manages to return to the sea, with ducklings in tow. As a gift of thanks to the farmer, the eider duck leaves behind its’ precious eiderdown. This strange, symbiotic relationship has lasted for over 1000 years.

Silky-soft & light as cloud, eiderdown is magical

Holding eiderdown in your hand is a strange experience. Its’ near-weightlessness and glowing warmth is unlike any other material on the planet.

It has no quills or feathers, meaning it’s just pure softness. And when you stuff it into your fist and then release, it’ll spring up to 10 times its own volume.

Baby Duvets

Why is it the world's most prized down?

Kings and queens have cherished eiderdown throughout the ages. No wonder.

This extraordinary material expands to keep you warm when it’s cold, and contracts to keep you cool when it’s warm, always maintaining the perfect temperature.

These unique physical properties make it the coziest material for duvets and comforters.

And because of its’ springy, resilient nature, it can retain its form and insulating properties for decades.

Interested in learning more about eiderdown?

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