Discover the wonders of Icelandic eiderdown!

Eiderdown is as light as air, but has powerful insulating properties. It keeps you comfortably warm no matter the season. We at Icelandic Down make duvets and comforters from hand-picked 100% authentic Icelandic eiderdown, which is made in a completely humane and animal-friendly way. We ship globally.

What is eiderdown?

Eiderdown is the down that comes from the eider duck. About 75% of the eiderdown worldwide comes from Iceland and Icelandic eiderdown is considered to be of the highest quality. Eiderdown has unique properties that give it very powerful insulating effects, despite being one of the lightest materials known to man.

Icelandic eiderdown products

Eiderdown duvet outside

Eiderdown duvet

Eiderdown baby duvet

Eco- & animal-friendly

The birds are wild and free, but they are protected by the Icelandic eider farmers who provide sanctuaries for the birds during the nesting season in the summer. The video below shows how eiderdown is harvested in a humane and mutually beneficial collaboration between man and bird.