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Luxurious eiderdown duvet/comforter with 100% authentic Icelandic eiderdown. Customize by selecting the size, fill and fabric below.


Investing in an eiderdown duvet/comforter is one of the best things you can do to improve your sleep and increase comfort in the bedroom.

Eiderdown is one of the lightest and softest natural materials on the planet, but it also has powerful insulating and temperature-regulating effects.

In addition, eiderdown is humane, sustainable, and animal-friendly. It is harvested in a mutually beneficial collaboration between man and bird.

Icelandic Down makes eiderdown duvets with 100% authentic Icelandic eiderdown, hand-picked in the eastern part of Iceland. Each duvet comes with government certificates that prove the authenticity and quality of the eiderdown.

More about eiderdown

Eiderdown is a rare natural resource, with a global production of only 4000 kilograms. Of this, 3000 kilograms or 75% comes from Iceland.

The fact that eiderdown is so rare, but in exceptionally high demand, is what accounts for its high price.

Each summer, the eider duck builds nests in various areas in Iceland. The eider farmers build sanctuaries for the birds and protect them from Iceland’s natural predators, such as foxes and seagulls.

Most importantly, no birds are harmed! If it wasn’t for the eider farmers protecting the birds, they might have gone extinct a long time ago.

The eider bird really likes man’s presence and leaves the eiderdown in her nest to keep her eggs warm. The farmer then collects the eiderdown around the time the eggs hatch.

After the eggs hatch, the eider duck leaves with her young, 100% wild and free, then returns the next summer to the same nesting area.

Our luxurious eiderdown duvets/comforters

Icelandic Down is a family-owned business in the east part of Iceland. We make luxurious eiderdown duvets and comforters, made with premium materials and 100% authentic Icelandic eiderdown.

Given that most people spend about 8 hours a day in bed, an eiderdown duvet is a valuable investment. If you take good care of the duvet, it will last for decades or even your entire life.

How to choose the right duvet

You can customize your duvet from the list above, or you can contact us at contact@icelandicdown.com for a custom order.

There are many different sizes, and you can choose from the list based on your preferences.

The fabrics are either high-quality 100% down proof sateen cotton, or down proof premium silk. The cotton is lighter, but the silk is prettier, softer, and a bit more expensive.

All of our duvets are made with baffle box construction, which ensures that the down is evenly distributed. The baffle walls also improve insulation and ensure that there are no cold spots in the duvet.

The three fill options depend on how warm you need your eiderdown duvet to be:

  1. Light: If you live in a warm climate and tend to feel hot at night, then we recommend the light fill.
  2. Medium: If your climate or bedroom aren’t particularly hot or cold, then this is the best option.
  3. Warm: If you live in a cold climate or your bedroom tends to get very cold, then the warm fill is best.

If you’re in doubt, then we recommend the medium fill.

The amount of eiderdown depends on the size and fill. You can see an overview of the different sizes, fills and amounts of eiderdown in this chart.

Shipping Information

We offer free international shipping on all eiderdown products. They are made to order and shipped to your doorstep within 2-4 weeks.

Go to checkout and add your country to see the final price with taxes and import duties included.

If you have any questions, please send us a message. If not, you can order using the options above.

Additional information


100% pure eiderdown, hand-picked from a nesting area in the East part of Iceland.

Cotton Fabric

Down-proof sateen 100% cotton, 475 thread count. From Germany.

Silk Fabric

Down-proof silk, 442 thread count. From Germany.


Baffle box construction method.

2 reviews for Eiderdown Duvet / Comforter

  1. 5 out of 5

    Laura and Paul

    Our baby boy was given an eiderdown duvet as a gift from his grandfather. We couldn’t be happier with it. The quality is extraordinary. The duvet is lightweight, fluffy and all in all very cozy. Our little boy sleeps really well wrapped in his beautiful duvet!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ragnar Oskarsson

    My grandfather’s father got an eiderdown comforter when he was an old man and my grandfather was determined to do the same. He wanted a light but warm comforter to cover himself at night and recently made his dream come true with a comforter from Icelandic Down. He is very satisfied with his purchase.

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