The Wonderful Icelandic Eiderdown

Surprisingly, the most valuable natural resource in Iceland isn’t well-known to most people.

Since the habitation of Iceland over 1100 years ago, Icelandic farmers have taken care of eider ducks while they are nesting. This is such a well-known and accepted part of Icelandic culture that the parliament passed laws in 1847 giving the eider duck total protected status.

The eider farmers make sanctuaries for the birds, helping them build their nests and protecting them from Icelandic predators like foxes and seagulls. The farmers are rewarded for their help with eiderdown, a prized natural material that the bird lays into her nest to keep the eggs warm.

Icelandic eiderdown is an amazing material

Eiderdown fibers close up

The eider duck, also known as the common eider, is the only bird that naturally lays significant amounts of down into her nest. Because of this, eiderdown is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

The reason why eiderdown is such an amazing material is because of its unique natural properties. It consists of tiny but soft fibers that tangle together and cause the down to stick together. It also fills easily with air, which provides powerful insulating effects. It is also so incredibly light that holding it feels like you are holding air.

About 75% of the world’s eiderdown is harvested naturally in Iceland.

Each nest yields about 15-17 grams of down, so you need 60-80 nests to gather 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of eiderdown. Each year, Iceland yields about 3000 kilograms of eiderdown, while the global production is 4000 kilograms. This is very little compared to the demand for eiderdown, which accounts for the high price.

Icelandic eiderdown is literally the world’s highest quality material used to make duvets and comforters.

Throughout the ages, royalty and nobles all over Europe have enjoyed the rare luxury of sleeping under extremely light and soft eiderdown duvets. Sleeping under a duvet made from eiderdown is an incredible experience. The duvet is full of air and has almost no weight at all and the down adapts to the temperature of your body.

However, finding truly authentic eiderdown is incredibly hard, because it is so rare. Many of the products with “eiderdown” in the name actually contain either very little eiderdown or none at all.

Duvets and comforters with authentic Icelandic eiderdown

Eiderdown duvet with silk fabric

Icelandic Down offers you the chance to buy a luxury custom made eiderdown duvet or comforter. You can purchase it via our online store and we ship it to your doorstep, or you can get it in person while visiting Iceland.

Our team puts hard work and a lot of care into every duvet we make. We make sure to select only the very best eiderdown to fill it with. The eiderdown is hand-picked by us in Lodmundarfjordur, which is a deserted fjord on the east coast of Iceland.

Each duvet comes with government certificates that certify the purity and quality of the eiderdown.